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About Online Character Count And Word Counter

About Us

Our website lettercounter.org is a site that provides the free online letter count and word count tools. These important tools are free on our site having no cost at all. This site facilitates you by providing quick free online counters.

A counter that can count the number of characters as well as words a text is having. All the results are shown in very little time. The tools provided by us are very easy to use. For letter counting all you need is to copy your desired text and paste it in the given area. The tool of letter count provided by us will count the characters of your text and shows the results in the character count field. The same process is for word count tool. The desired text is copy paste or the text can directly be written in the given area.

Our site will facilitate you according to your need. The free online counter provided by us not only counts the letters and words but can also count the paragraph in the text. It also provides the facility of counting letters with space as well as without space. This online character counter tool can works in almost all web browsers like internet explorer, Google chrome and Firefox etc. It is a suitable letter counter and word counter tool that can count letters and words of essays, blogs, status of facebook and tweets etc.

This is a perfect tool that can not only work on English text but can also work on non-English text as well. This means that it can count the letters and words of English text and text in other languages like Spanish and Chinese etc. This online counter not only facilitates the students but also to writer, researcher and journalists etc. It is a mobile friendly tool as well.