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Are you curious to find out how many letters you have typed or how many words are formed using those many letters, Letter Counter is what you need! .

Letter And Character counter online Tool

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Online Character count

If you want to know how many characters you have typed and find it difficult to do it manually, here is the solution-Character Count Tool. The Character Counting in word Tool will tell you the exact number of characters you have typed and also the words formed.

lettercounter.org is providing free online character calculator. This is can be used to count number of characters or letters in a paragraph. This can also use for tweets on twitter, Facebook status. Also best to use for writers, students, researchers. This is best character counter tool for SEO. For example, to calculate Meta title characters or to count Meta description characters. This is online character count with spaces. If you need more detail like letter counting without space you can check oonline letter count toolur essay Word Count tool. This will also tell character count without spaces and with spaces.

As you know with SEO point of view number of actual characters always matters. Also whether it is Facebook status characters, twitter, Yelp or just an email, post to your blog or business official’s number of characters always matters. This is important that how you say or write but how many characters you use is always matters.

If you want to start counting letters or characters. You can simply write or copy and paste you written char into below text area and count characters online.

Online Letter Counter : Write or paste your text into this And Click Count


    This tool counts the number of letters/characters, words, and paragraphs in a string of text. It was designed with a mobile-first focus and the site is fully responsive. This site is designed to even work and look great on your iPhone or Android device!

    If you find any value at all in this tool, then please share/like it on one of the social networks in the social bar above! The small amount of ads on this site are to recoup the yearly hosting and domain registration costs. Your shares and likes help me recoup those costs and keep me from letting the domain simply expire and taking the site down!

    Count Character is a free online character and word checking tool/utility. All outcomes are promptly appeared and it is ludicrously simple to utilize and obviously, the administration is totally free.

    How Letter Counter Used?

    You can duplicate and glue your content with the characters to number in the content zone above, or you can sort your characters and words into the content region. The counter will be redesigned in a split second, showing the measure of characters, words, sentences, passages and whitespace in your content, also that the catchphrase thickness (which you can arrange from the choices menu) is likewise shown.

    Which Devices Does The Counter Work On?

    Count Character works on almost all gadgets - whether use it from a Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.

    Regardless of on the off chance that you have a cell telephone, PC, console or tablet the counter will work splendidly!

    This character counter programming works in any web programs, for example, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera... This utility can count characters online of languages like English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Japanese, Malay, German, Spanish, Japanese... It suits to include characters twitter, blog, books, word report, exceed expectations record, pdf archive, papers, novel...

    The word/character utmost happens in numerous events. For instance: Twitter: 140, SMS: 160, Reddit Title: 300, Ebay Title: 80, Yelp Post: 5000, LinkedIn Summary: 2000, Pinterest Description: 500, Blogspot depiction: 500, Facebook status: 63,206, title tag in HTML: just show 70 characters, meta portrayals in HTML: have no confinement however just initial 155 characters are shown in Google query items.

Letter Counting / Characters Counting Space Always Matters

Mainly Facebook, Yelp and Twitter are used to do post for business executive, associates and for dearest. It’s a bit difficult to think about letter count in text or number of actual characters. It doesnt matter what you say means its not an issue how you say things and number of char count online you have planed to use. Word count is matter of concern for lots of online users.

Social media sites of today allow typing of letter counts and conciseness of letter count move downward. For example: Character limit allowed by twitter is 140 letters. This fact is not known to lots of users. This is to just explain you how 140 letter characters appear. It can be less space to write all thoughts of yours.

So if you are able to use letter count in favor of you, you are on the right track. Word counts essay are excellent but letter counts prove to be extra valuable. The online letter counter will be more useful for you where there is a condition of hard characters limit.

You have to

    • Kept in mind to letter count any name you must use so when you counting your letters or words later you can take them into account
    • Think that what words you will use in your post and which words can be used as alternate to shorten sentences.
    • Write complete sentences. Having a tough characters limit is not a reason of bad grammar.
    • Think about other ways to make your sentences short while you still write you thoughts completely and clearly.

    Counting Character limits According to SEO Guideline

    According to MOZ SEO or latest updates of SEO Meta Title Tag ideal character limit is 60. Remember space is also counted as a character. You can use our online letter count free tool regularly for this purpose.

    Also according to latest updates of SEO Meta description character limit is 140 which is consider ideal. However, you can use up to 160 characters. For more detail you can go for Moz Meta Description guide. For this purpose you can regularly use our online letter counting service.

    According to Yoast SEO minimum words for a post is for 300. But most SEO experts like MOZ or Backlinko recommend write minimum 1500 words. lettercounter.org is also providing word count service. Here you can also see total character of your text. Character count will show both character with space and characters without space.

    Our both services are helpful for this purpose you can use character calculator and word count totally free. Here read more about lettercounter.org

    Counting Characters or Letters: For Blogsopt Characters Limit

    With this character counter or letter counter you can calculate letters online for blogger. As you know Blogger has also some character limits.

    • Blog Description have 500 characters limit you can check with this letter count service
    • About Me page for a blogger can’t contain more than 1200 letters.
    • Interests and Favorites on the profile have limit of 2000 characters per area.

    You can calculate characters before adding to BlogSpot with this free online letter counter tool, symbol counter. If you need more detail about character limit you can check here on blogger limit detail.

    Character Count / Letter Counting For Facebook Characters limit

    Facebook also have length constraint like other net sites when we write on wall, message, status and comment. Personal message section in facebook is used just like doing email. These personal messages can be in the form of chat or a type of email message. For immediate messages or chat character limit is 5000. Regular or email type messages also have character limit 5000.

    Status area of the facebook also have characters limit. In the past the limit was 5000. Now the status limit is increased to 63,206 characters. To put up response and status this limit has been increased 12 times.

    For wall posts of facebook it has characters limit 5000. This shows that you are able to write even a blog also if you desire to write on the wall of some other person.

    The section in facebook that is not mostly used in notes area. A lot of Bloggers find this inscription section to be helpful. The reason why this area finds to be helpful is that notes area of facebook having no character limit. If the users have long comment or status they are directed to this section. Due to this benefit, users freely their feelings and can easily share it by tagging the friends.

    New photos are post and upload every day on facebook. If users want to write a narrative with uploaded picture it will have character limit of 5000. Friends will now comment on this uploaded picture. Friends will have 8000 characters as a character limit of the comments.

    News feed section of facebook show only 1200 first characters of long posts.

    Sum up Facebook characters limits:
    • Chat 5000
    • Regular email type message 5000
    • Status 63206
    • Wall posts 5000
    • Picture narrative 5000
    • Picture comments 8000
    • Long posts on news feed: 1200

    Some Important Characters Limits To Remember

    An SMS (Short Message Service) Text Limit is 160 Characters. As we mention about Twitter tweet characters limit is 140. Google AdSense have also character limit for title is 25. 70 characters can be used for ad text and 35 character are available for displayed URL.

    Online letter counting tools some time provide extra info. For example the characters counting with and without spaces. You can also use our service to counting characters with space and without space here. If you want to calculate selected text characters. Simply select the text to character count and open our online letter counting tool.

    If you did not find letter counting online way in software, the simple way is to paste your text on this site and get number of characters and letters.

    Characters Counting: Important When Writing Letter, symbol counter

    Letters appear in every type within the existing modern society. We utilize letters to stay in touch with different people around the world. Within business, business letters generate via employees at particular time, comprise of counting the characters. Making things easy, users use software, type their document and calculate number their used words and characters. In letters for counting number of characters and words an online letter counter is used.

    Type of letter that the majority writes is love letter. Love letter a source to express your feelings to the person whom you love. While writing love letter, writers are conscious about their writing. This includes counting the number of character and words. Some time counters are needed to help in creating letter. The fact is true when male writes letter to his female. Counters are utilized to count characters calculator online so the message can not overstate. Writing the love letter is easier enough than business letters. Business letter include limit on amount of characters in letter. That makes business letters difficult to express completely than love letters. Free writing style is use to write love letter. With unique technology, social media sites like twitter contain the facility to post love letters. In twitter, on status you just tweet your message, and obtain feedback and comments from associates. But everyone will work with just 140 limited characters.

    While writing article or text, important thing to know is the number of letter or characters. We know how to express and represent our feelings. And make it easy to count correct number of letters especially when writing is done manually. If there is need to calculate letters it will be boring task. But there are letter counters online and programs that can complete the counting task for you. So you can write easily whatever and want and software will do the task of letters and words counting for you.

    After you complete your text or article, allow software to calculate number of letters your writing contains. This gives you idea on how you doing your task and how many letters are still left to write. Remember that letter counting not just include letters, it include all the characters calculator a sentence is having. This is the way of counting, used by different sites. When they apply limit on size of text, mostly include the spaces among letters.

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